Dos and Don’ts When Building A Site

Website are fast becoming the best way for advertising in this era of technology. As such, doing a website is a project that must be handled the uttermost care that it deserves. If it is done correctly, the website can one of the best marketing tool a business has. Nowadays with a large number of people using the internet to research about products and services they want, it is very important for one to make the site they are building as perfect as possible. So what are the dos and don’ts when one is creating a website that is expected to attract a large number of people.

The dos

1.Set Smart Goals
This is in other words means setting goals that are achievable. What are these goals exactly? Increasing sales, generating more leads to the site, reducing overhead as well as improvement of brand awareness.

2.Using Open Source Tools
Use the likes of WordPress or Magneto, this ones can be used by any web developer out there in the market.

3.Steal from Competitors
This is one of the tricks that is getting a large number of people who are having sites get noticed. Before they build a site, they first check out the competitors and list down the things that the competitors are doing well and getting them ahead in the business.

4.Develop Content
This is where most people get stark when they are building their websites. Before one builds a website, they should make sure that they have the content that they will use on the site ready. If one is going to sell things, they should take photos of the products they are going to sell way before the site is done, this is to get rid of any slow-down process in the building of the site.

5.Answer the question “why?”
This is marketing first of all and should be treated as such. One should take it as if, they have met the person one and one and they should be ready to answer the question “why?” Why they should consider taking your services and all other why questions that may arise.
Plan On How to Become an SEO Expert
One should really look at the SEO strategies that will make their sites more visible on search engines. As such, SEO should be thoroughly studied by the one looking to build a really attractive site.

6.Trust the Web Designer
Let the web designer do his job and trust he will do it the right way. When one keeps pestering the designer they may end up making a big mess of the whole process. After all, the designer who was hired knows more about web design than the person employing their services.

1.The don’ts
Do it yourself
This is one of the worst ways to make a website attractive. One should try and employ the services of a number people because after all, the website will be for many people not just one person and it should try to fit the standards of many people.

2.Spend all the money
Never should anyone, max out all the budget on the website. Improvements may be required latter on after the site is done so there is no need to spend all the finances on the beginning alone.

3.Expecting Visitors
Most people think that once they have built a website, the business will come automatically. It takes a lot more than just putting up the site before the visitors start coming to the site.

4.Add A Blog
If one isn’t going to create content, they should simply forget about adding a blog to their site.

5.Try To Please Everyone
As much as it should consider the views of others, the site shouldn’t try to please everyone. The website will be a huge mistake if it’s main objective is to please everyone.

6.Add Testimonials
These are the things that can make people not trust the site, and the services they are rendering.
Expecting The Site To Be Attractive Overnight
Same as every other marketing strategy, it takes times for one to see the fruits of the process. So expecting the website to be attractive over a short time is simply impossible, it takes time and a lot of effort.